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Our Story

Naradell is a charitable organisation with a misson to improve the lives of people living with a mental health condition.

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A turtle cannot move forward if it doesn't put its head out.


Similarly, a number of carers of loved ones with mental illness have taken initiative by founding Naradell Inc, driven by a shared vision and passion to make a difference in mental health on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


Imagine, for a moment, a person in the prime of life with loving family and friends, excelling academically, in sports, or in their chosen career, with a future brimming with promise and hope. Then something happens to their brain—trauma, grief, an accident, substance use, or simply genetics—and their whole life, along with that of their family, is turned upside down. Confusion, despair, anger, grief, and frustration become palpable not only for the affected individual but also for their family and friends. Unlike a physical injury or illness, mental health issues are often invisible but just as debilitating.


Naradell's mission is to support those with mental health conditions in regaining their momentum and interest in life, helping them move forward with confidence, feeling safe and supported.


Through years of shared involvement with our loved ones, experiencing firsthand the limitations of the clinical model offered by the hospital system and the challenges posed by funding and time constraints within various organisations, Naradell pledges to ensure that continuity of care remains paramount in every decision made.  While the NDIS has brought positive change, it has also presented challenges as support organisations and carers adapt to the new system. There remains a significant need for quality accommodation and purposeful activities.


Naradell's vision emerged from careful observation, active listening, and personal experiences of the founding carers since the outset of 2018. They recognise that nurture thrives in nature, where people have the opportunity to experience community at its best—working, playing, learning, and growing alongside one another, while respecting both each other and the environment.

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Where to from here?

Our vision encompasses three key components.


Firstly, Naradell Farm will provide a crucial sanctuary where clients can find the time and safe space to rejuvenate, reframe their perspectives, and retrain through a variety of activities tailored to their needs. Upon departure from the Farm, individuals will receive comprehensive support and assistance from Naradell to facilitate their transition.


Expanding upon this vision, we envision Naradell Hub—an urban activity centre that harmonises seamlessly with the ethos of Naradell Farm.


Furthermore, we've noted a common sentiment among individuals who are unaware of the existing services, facilities, and activities available here on the Sunshine Coast. Many struggle to find assistance when needed. To address this gap, we've established the Naradell Information Centre, initially through our website and monthly Information Group Meetings.


Our aim is to evolve this into a physical presence where individuals can access information in a welcoming face-to-face setting. Our commitment is to elevate Naradell Farm and Naradell Hub into world-class facilities, making a tangible and positive difference in the lives of those grappling with mental health challenges.

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